After the concept of the design has been established and the Owner has approved the preliminary design documents, we prepare documents consisting of floor plans, elevations and general details of the proposed project for the Owner’s approval.  These drawings have sufficient detail to formulate other systems that will come into play, such as preliminary cost estimating, receiving approval from subdivisions and determining the requirements for other disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing.


Even though the final design documents are somewhat detailed, it is not advisable to issue these drawings to multiple contractors for formal bids. Simply because the final design drawings are not of sufficient detail to adequately determine all variables associated with the construction process.  Bids obtained from design drawings are very hard to compare simply because each contractor bidding has to guess on many items associated with the project. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

In many cases the final design phase can be eliminated or incorporated into the construction document phase, as the first set of preliminary design documents are of sufficient detail to satisfy the Owners requirements with only minor revisions.

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The design phase is the time in which the owner’s ideas and our experience start to merge. We take into account the owner’s requirements and desires, the budget, the site, restrictions and covenants, local codes, and other criteria that will affect the project.

It is often very helpful to introduce photographs, magazine clippings, product brochures, and even rough sketches to communicate your ideas to us.  Depending on the scope of the project, it is at this time when site surveys, topographic surveys, subdivision restrictions are needed to incorporate into the design.  The Owner will need to supply the Designer with their requirements of the proposed project, including such things as total budget, approximate size of the project, family requirements, general preferences on exterior and interior items, and special requirements for such thing as volume ceilings, special rooms and site orientation.

From this information we prepare design drawings showing the floor plans, site orientation, and exterior appearance of the proposed project.  These drawing are then presented to the Owner, for their approval.  The actual drawings included will depend on the particular project circumstances. 

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